Weeping Hammer of the Obsidian Mist


Name Weeping Hammer of the Obsidian Mist
Player Dena
Caste Twilight
Concept Blacksmith
Motivation Destroy all undead
Anima Ocean

Strength: 4 Dexterity: 3 Stamina: 4
Charisma: 4 Manipulation: 2 Appearance: 3
Perception: 3 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 2

(F) Melee 5
(F) Resistance 1
Craft: Fire 3
Lore 3
Medicine 3
Occult 4
Athletics 3
(F) Dodge 4
(F) Bureaucracy 3
Linguistics 2
(F) Sail 3

Artifact 3 (Grand Goremaul)
Artifact 2 (Reinforced Buff Jacket) [bonus points]
Resources 2
Contacts 2

Call the Blade – 1m, Reflexive, Instant – Calls a weapon from up to (Essence x 10) yards. Can also be used to draw a sheathed weapon reflexively.
Summoning the Loyal Steel – 1m, Simple (Speed 3), Indefinite – Stores a weapon Elsewhere.
Iron Raptor Technique – 2m or 4m, Simple (Speed 5), Instant – Melee attack at 24 (Essence x 8) yards range, or with Essence 3 and 4 motes throw a bolt of energy that is unblockable without a stunt or charm.
Spirit-Detecting Glance – 3m, Reflexive, One Scene – Detect dematerialized creatures.
Spirit-Cutting Attack – 1m, Supplemental, Instant – Changes an attack to be able to hit dematerialized spirits; it deals aggravated damage to them, materialized or not.
Ghost-Eating Technique – 2m, Reflexive, Instant – After making an attack that damages or dissipates a spirit, use this charm to drain 6 (Essence x 2) motes from the spirit. If the spirit dissipates as a result of the attack, it is utterly destroyed.
Shadow Over Water – 1m, Reflexive, Instant – Ignore all Dodge DV penalties for one attack.
Seven Shadow Evasion – 3m, Reflexive, Instant – Perfect defense even against undodgeable attacks, but the attack must not be unexpected. Conviction Flaw.
Salty Dog Method – 3m, Reflexive, One Scene – Subtract Essence from all external penalties while on a ship; this includes “battle, social, dramatic and military actions”, and examples include “unrelated penalties such as an enemy’s DV and MDV.”
Frugal Merchant Method – 1m, Supplemental, Instant – Perfect knowledge of an object’s quality and condition, 1 bonus success when dealing with an honest merchant, 3 bonus successes when dealing with a dishonest one.
Insightful Buyer Technique – 3m, Supplemental, Instant – Perfect knowledge of market values, reducing external penalties to a mercantile action by Essence.

Compassion 3
Temperance 2
Conviction 2
Valor 2
Willpower 5

Permanent Essence 3
Personal: 14
Peripheral: 35
Committed: 8

Virtue Flaw:
Condition – The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.
Flaw – Foolhardy Contempt – No retreat, front of all battles, etc.

Grand Goremaul – Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +16L/5, Defense 0, Rate 2
Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 20L/5

Artifact Reinforced Buff Jacket – +8L/11B soak, 5L/5B hardness, -1 mobility, 0 fatigue.
Soak 10L/15B, 5L/5B hardness.

Move – 2 yards per tick
Dash – 8 yards per tick
Jump – 6 yards vertically, 12 yards horizontally

Dodge DV 5
Parry DV 4


Age: 25 Caste: Twilight Profession: Blacksmith

Kinora is a tall and incredibly strong woman. Her body has been toned by years of work as a blacksmith, and as a result her upper body bulges with muscles. Her legs also reflect years of hard work, from lifting heavy stacks of metal to her work on ships. She lost the ring and middle finger on one hand in a blacksmithing accident at an early age, and now wears a complicated glove on her left hand that provides her with two metal fingers of her own design. The fingers move and can grip with ease, but do not bend.

Her skin is tanned to a golden tone by the constant sun reflecting off the sea, and the same has also faded her blue eyes to a pale blue, nearly white in color. She stands a full 6’0” in height, and bears herself with a nearly regal posture despite her decidedly mediocre bloodlines. She has waist-length hair that more often than not is tied up in a simple knot at the base of her neck. As is common in the Archipelagos, her hair is a vibrant blue-green, the same color of the ocean in a calm and shallow bay.

When her anima displays, her normally pale eyes flash with a warm red-orange, and shimmering colors radiate off of her in time with her heartbeat. She looks like the glow of a sunset on the ocean at that time, with deep blues, vibrant purples, and a touch of gold from the bright blaze of her eyes mimicking the sun as it dies.

She is kind, but very closed-off and hesitant to get to know anyone. She fears the pain of ever losing another loved one, and also fears the pain that she might cause by anyone unknowingly harboring an anathema. Most of those she meets know her as Kinora. Those who have had the misfortune to see her in action against her chosen enemies refer to her as the Weeping Hammer of the Obsidian Mist.

Kinora grew up a blacksmith in the Wavecrest Archipelago. Her mother died during the birth of one of Kinora’s younger brothers. She was trained by her father and older brother and soon far surpassed their meager training with the blacksmith hammer. She often accompanied her family on trade voyages, to lend her expertise on metals and ores if that was their trade item of the moment. As such, she was also trained a great deal in sailing and the ways of the sea, as well as in basic combat in order to help defend her family during the inevitable pirate raids. During one such journey, their ship was beset by the undead pirates of the Skullstone Archipelago in the middle of the night and taken at complete surprise. Kinora woke up and raced to the deck, but the sight that greeted her eyes was chaos. Blood, bodies, and the undead walking everywhere, delivering a coup de gras to any survivors they found struggling on the deck. As she stood, her heart pounding, she felt a strange sensation take over her. Her mostly hidden vantage point soon became pointless as the darkness of midnight was slowly banked by the glow of twilight centered around her body. The rage-filled flash of her pale blue eyes flaring up to a fiery orange was the last thing many of the pirates saw, and as they stood trying to comprehend the image of exaltation before them, they were cut down without mercy. She doesn’t remember any details of the combat, just images that flash through her mind. Wild leaps through the air, dizzying spirals down with her hammer outstretched – utter carnage. Unfortunately, she was too late. Her entire family lay slaughtered on the deck, along with the remains of the undead scourge. She even leapt across the waters and took out every last pirate on their own ship, then piled all of the undead upon its deck and set fire to it before setting it adrift on the waters.

With no home to which she could return, she simply sailed her ship off into the distant sunrise. Burning in her soul now was the desire to wipe out the undead, or any supernatural forces that would prey on the innocent. But she is, and always will be, a blacksmith by nature. Her true calling is to design and create weapons that can help destroy the scourges.

Weeping Hammer of the Obsidian Mist

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