Judgment of Midnight


Name: Judgment of Midnight
Caste: Night
Concept: Assassin
Motivation: To destroy evil and thereby become famed as a force for justice and righteousness throughout Creation, feared by all who would do wrong!
Anima: Scales

Strength: 4 Dexterity: 4 Stamina: 3
Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 3 Appearance: 2
Perception: 3 Intelligence: 3 Wits: 3

(F) Archery 3
(F) Martial Arts 3
(F) Resistance 3
Survival 1
(F) Investigation 1
(F) Lore 1
Athletics 5
Awareness 3
Dodge 4
Larceny 4
Stealth 5
Linguistics 1

Artifact 2 (orichalcum lamellar armor, black for cosmetic purposes)
Artifact 3 (short powerbow + knockback)
Resources 2 (damn me if I know how this works)

Second Archery Excellency – 2m per success, Reflexive Step 1, Instant. Buy up to (archery + dexterity) successes @ 2m each.
Shadow Over Water – 1m, Reflexive Step 2, Instant. Ignore all penalties to Dodge DV for one attack.
Seven Shadow Evasion – 3m, Reflexive Step 2, Instant. Perfect defense, works against undodgeable attacks but not against unexpected.
Reflex Sidestep Technique – 1m, Reflexive Step 2, Instant. Render an attack expected.
Easily Overlooked Presence Method – 3m, Simple, One scene. All Awareness and Investigation checks made to notice me fail unless they have a two-die bonus.
Graceful Crane Stance – 3m, Reflexive, One scene. Automatically succeed on any valid Athletics balance action and treat any surface at least as strong as a human hair as a 3-foot ledge.
Monkey Leap Technique – 3m, Reflexive, One scene. Leap as a move action, double jump length.
Foe-Vaulting Method – 1m, Reflexive, One scene. Add Athletics in dice to attempts to re-establish surprise.
Spider-Foot Style – 4m, Reflexive, One scene. Run on any surface in any orientation.
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise – 7m, Simple (Speed 6 Long), Until I sleep. No tools needed to generate a disguise, Manipulation + Larceny quality, change all sorts of stuff, inc voice, skin color, height(10%), and more!. Only supernatural Awareness or Investigation can contest, and even then at +4 difficulty.
Second Larceny Excellency – 2m per success, Reflexive Step 1, Instant. Buy up to (stat + larceny) successes @ 2m each.

Compassion 1
Temperance 2
Conviction 4
Valor 2

Willpower 6

Permanent Essence 3
Personal: 15
Peripheral: 36
Committed: 9

Virtue Flaw:
Deliberate Cruelty flaw with Red Rage of Compassion Condition – seeing innocents harmed and being unable to intervene will eventually cause him to go cruel. Simple.

Hook Swords: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage +3L, Defense +3, Rate 3
Speed 5, Accuracy 7, Damage 10L, Block DV 5

The Blazing Glory of the Ram: Speed 6, Accuracy +3, Damage +3L, Rate 2, Range 300. Target arrows +0L, piercing. attune 6
Special: Victim rolls Stamina + Resistance against a difficulty of post-soak damage dice or is knocked back Essence (ie, 3) yards.
Special: Objects are knocked back if raw damage x 50 exceeds weight. Is “raw damage” including bonus successes from accuracy? Just go with 350lb imo.
Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage 7L Piercing, Rate 2, Range 300, KB 3yd

Black Lamellar armor: soak 9L/10B, hardness 6L/6B, mobility -1, fatigue 0, attune 3
Soak 10L/13B, hardness 6L/6B.

Base – 3 yards per tick
Dash – 9 yards per tick
Normal Jump – vertical 8, horizontal 16 (9/18 w/o armor)
Jump + Monkey’s Leap – vertical 16, horizontal 32 (18/36 w/o armor)

Dodge DV 5 Parry DV 5


Current Alias of Choice: Morro Inalen.


Naive and idealistic, passionate, inclined to see things in terms of black and white, not at all afraid to use force or take actions that have permanent consequences. (Conviction 4, in game terms) He can only really handle a limited amount of moral ambiguity – a merchant whose empire rests on slavery is a KINGPIN OF EVIL even if he’s the grandson of the man who founded it and has no real idea what’s going on and is more concerned with making sure grain shipments arrive in hungry cities.

He’s been trained as an assassin since an arbitrarily young age, and his player thinks that experience shapes habits of thought. Given a problem his first reaction is to use covert means to destroy it; the old saying that diplomacy is just saying “nice doggie” while you reach for a rock is gospel truth in his eyes. This plays into what I see as his major blind spot, the fact that you can’t really improve a society by killing people selectively.

As an Exalt, and as per his motivation, he is driven by his desire to make up for his misspent youth, to be an agent of righteousness instead of a paid killer for a local thug, to turn the tool of injustice that he was forged into into one for JUSTICE! As he sees it, the best way to do this is not merely to spectacularly destroy those who do wrong, it is to become a living legend, an icon, someone who will make anyone contemplating doing wrong thing twice. Thus, his Motivation.


His original name was Immin. He was a slave, why have two names? Geographical references have been filed off to make campaign location a simpler problem, fill in the blanks to taste. Also, I’ll spare you the lengthy writeup, have a summary.

Former slave, trained as an assassin and kept ignorant by his master, a local lord. He eventually managed to learn the truth, fought and sneaked his was into his lord’s own castle with great difficulty, and slew his own master; only his Exaltation let him escape death for the deed. Fled into the wilderness with only what he could carry, determined to right the wrongs of the world.


A young man (19, for the record) with a build reminiscent of an Olympic competitor in the track and field events, Judgment is of medium height, has skin of the shade typically described as “olive”, green eyes, and black hair. He tends to be somewhat suspicious and quiet, but is capable of at least trying to be charming if he thinks there’s reason to do so.

His attire depends heavily on circumstances; in battle, he’s going to be wearing black lamellar armor and wielding a golden shiny bow. Outside of combat, he’ll wear whatever will let him blend into the lower classes in the area he’s in, since he has some skill in mingling with petty criminals. Nondescript stuff, in other words. Lacking geography, he’s wearing a dark blue shirt, loose beige pants, and has a heavy pack over his shoulder.

Anima Banner – A set of golden scales (as in the thing Justice traditionally messes with, or that you’d put Ma’at’s feather in) floating “behind” him from any given POV.

Judgment of Midnight

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